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Brenvel means quality conforming to the international standards

Brenvel is an alternative energy flagship. We became one of the leading heat supply providers in Ukrainian Polissia over 14 years of work.

  • We provide high-quality heat and hot water supply services to the companies, institutions and organizations
  • Social facilities: kindergartens, schools, hospitals are our permanent customers
  • We produce solid biofuel in pellets. Company underwent audit and is En plus® A1 certified
  • We produce pallet blanks, container pallets of various modifications, Europallets EPAL, EPAL 2, EPAL 3 
  • Our company is FSC®-certified and has an international Forest Stewardship Council® certificate confirming raw materials origin for products


Brenvel business areas


Our advantages


Brenvel LLC business priorities include supply of high-quality heat and hot water services, fuel pellets, and wood drying services. Therefore, we are looking for new ways and opportunities, using state-of-the-art technologies and all resources available to achieve our goals.


Over the years of operation, Brenvel LLC has proven itself as a credible and sustainable company both in Ukraine and abroad. Our services and products meet Ukrainian and European standards. Therefore, the company is known not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries of Europe and Asia.

Environmental friendliness

We take full responsibility for the preservation of natural environment. Company operations have no negative impact on the environment. We have all permits as provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine for emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air by stationary sources.


We employ more than 150 highly qualified experts. Brenvel LLC operates using state-of-the-art equipment from national and international manufacturers.


Brenvel LLC is a successful bidder of most public tenders due to own capabilities and highly qualified employees.


We offer a flexible service payment and discounts system for regular customers. We deliver the goods purchased to you.

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Work we do

Energy-saving and energy-efficient heat supply

Production of European-level biofuel pellets (EN Plus A1)

Production of euro pallets for product storage (EPAL and UIC licenses)

Quality control and laboratory tests

Heat supply

Heat supply to the premises to ensure comfortable indoor air parameters, treat hot water for sanitary and hygienic needs and technological process execution at industrial undertakings require set up and operation of special heat supply systems.

Brenvel offers installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems and hot water supply to enterprises, institutions and organizations in Ukraine. Moreover, company boiler houses operate on solid fuel (pellets, sawdust briquettes) of own production, which ensures fuel high quality and its continuous delivery, thus preventing interruptions in the boiler plants operation.

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Pellet production

Pellets are fuel granules. These are generated out of wood waste. They are used both in automated industrial boiler houses and in small households. Pellets are especially popular in Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

Brenvel pellets are notable for a high heat transfer. Given the small size and volume, on average, the heat transfer of pellets is 2.5 times greater than that of firewood. It can be compared with gas or coal. In addition, pellet boilers efficiency is very high and often exceeds 90%. This is an environmentally friendly biofuel. Wood waste as pellets components contains no additional additives. Moreover, our company produces “Let’s Pellet” – the pellets of European quality with no glue and chemicals!

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Brenvel LLC is a first group operator of woodworking industry and offers wood primary processing. Our powerful processing workshop is able to process a significant number of raw materials per year.

Square edged and unedged timbers are the main wood processing products. In addition, our company offers an extensive range of pallet blanks, timber, container pallets of various modifications, Europallets (EPAL licenses) EPAL, EPAL 2, EPAL 3.

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Drying wood

Our company renders services for wood hydrothermal treatment, namely removing moisture from it, as a result of which wood out of raw material transforms into industrial one that meets certain requirements set forth by various types of production and household facilities. As wood moisture content changes, its shape and volume change (decrease) and it becomes more resistant to decay.

Brenvel LLC uses drying chambers with fan-generated forced air circulation. The chambers have conditions provided to adjust motion speed and air temperature, which allows the wood to dry quickly enough.

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118 Mykhailo Hrushevsky Str., Kovel city, 45000, Ukraine

Business hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 17:30 | Sat-Sun: Closed

Brenvel (Brenvel LLC) was founded in 2009 in the Volyn region. Corporate facilities are currently located in Volyn, Zhytomyr and Sumy regions. Key business lines of the company cover heat and energy modernization, energy efficiency and alternative energy development, in particular, production of alternative fuel (biofuel – pellets).

We offer heat and hot water services for public and municipal institutions, in particular, kindergartens, schools, professional education institutions, outpatient departments, hospitals and hospices. Company operates both own facilities to render services and rents facilities through Prozorro.Prodazhi e-auction system.

Moreover, as part of corporate development, we use modern equipment to dry and process wood for the production of pallet blanks, Europallets EPAL, EPAL 2, EPAL 3, UIC pallets. We also provide corresponding services for customers.

Bioenergy development is one of the main factors for Ukraine’s energy independence. This is the reason Brenvel uses state-of-the-art European equipment, manufactures wood biogranules (pellets), which have high heat transfer rates and are environmentally friendly. Brenvel production facilities are EN Plus certified based on A1 quality class. In addition, we test our products at the in-house certified laboratory on a daily basis so that you get the best quality and top service.

Since wood is used for pellets production, Brenvel takes seriously the legality and legitimacy of the raw materials origin. The best confirmation for this is international certification. Therefore, we have Chain of Custody (COC) certification necessary to confirm the products sold with an FSC claim come from sustainably managed forests, controlled sources, recycled materials, or a mixture of the above types of raw materials.

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