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Brenvel LLC is one of the leading heat supply companies in Ukrainian Polissia. Its main purpose is to provide high-quality services for heat and hot water supply to undertakings, institutions and organizations.

Company runs licensed operations in heat production, transportation and supply, in particular in the Volyn and Zhytomyr regions. The main category of consumers is the budgetary sphere, educational and health care institutions, which indicates confidence of the state in our company.



Heat production license

Heat supply license

Heat transportation license

Permit for emission of polluting substances

Boiler rooms

The source of heat supply is industrial boiler house with heat and water boilers, multicyclones, smoke extractors, meters, etc. For its operations, Brenvel LLC uses the state-of-the-art equipment from national and international manufacturers.

Corporate boiler-houses operate on solid fuel (pellets, sawdust briquettes) of own production, which ensures fuel high quality and its continuous delivery, thus preventing interruptions in the boiler plants operation.

Our advantages


Energy efficiency and heating systems modernization is the key to Ukraine's energy independence. Our company adheres to this goal and ensures in its operations the best quality of service.


Corporate boiler houses, as well as boiler houses our company maintains, meet the necessary standards and requirements. The heat energy supply process operates as a coordinated mechanism, so our clients always receive high-class services.

Environmental friendliness

Brenvel LLC adopts responsible attitude to the preservation of natural environment. In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the Company obtained permits for emissions of polluting substances into the atmospheric air by stationary sources.


Our employees have many-year experience in dealing with heating systems, undergo advanced training and are constantly improving. The company systematically organizes safety training for employees and provides them with everything they need to carry out the necessary work.


Brenvel LLC has all the necessary permits to run its business. We participate in public procurement within Prozorro.Prodazhi system and officially enter into service contracts.


One of our main tasks is to make our customers always feel confident in receiving quality and timely services for their heating and hot water needs.

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We care about environment

Brenvel LLC adopts responsible attitude to the preservation of natural environment.

Berdychiv Geriatric Home boiler-house permit

Lokachiv Central District Hospital boiler-house permit

Zhytomyr Orphanage boiler-house permit

Lublynetsk Kindergarten and School boiler-house permit

Company’s operations have no negative environmental impact, as the company, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, obtained permits for emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air by stationary sources. See photo for some sample permits.

Mains and distribution networks transport the heat. Our company guarantees the reliability of the heat supply system based on well-defined organization of these systems operation, scheduled repairs on timely basis, replacement of worn equipment, arrangement for emergency repairs. Heating lines are subjected to hydraulic density tests every year to identify defects and their subsequent elimination.


Work we do

Modern and high-quality heating equipment (video)

Boiler room of the maternity hospital

Boiler room of the maternity hospital

Boiler room of the maternity hospital

Lyceum boiler room

Lyceum boiler room

Brenvel LLC is a successful bidder of most public tenders due to own capabilities and highly qualified employees.

All employees, in addition to the tasks and duties provided for by the relevant qualification profile, know and follow the rules and requirements of occupational and fire safety.


Brenvel LLC

Among Brenvel LLC priorities is to be a credible supplier of high-quality heat and hot water services. Therefore, we are looking for new ways and opportunities, using state-of-the-art technologies and all resources available, to improve heat production technology and ensure its more sustainable consumption.

Considerable attention is paid to the construction of new and reconstruction of existing boiler houses, technical improvement of the heat supply lines equipment, existing equipment modernization. Short-range plans include development and implementation of alternative energy sources.

Brenvel confidently maintains a stable position on the heat supply market in Ukraine!


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